Delivery Girl: A contemporary sports romantic comedy by Lily Kate

Delivery Girl: A contemporary sports romantic comedy (Minnesota Ice Book 1)My rating: 2 of 5 stars

It started really funny and light but it became a common place really quickly.

At the beginning I was afraid it was going to go right around the porn alley, with the “pizza delivery thing” and all that and, even when it never happened, every time they mentioned the delivery girl or the pizza girl, I cringe. It was completely unnecessary most of the times.

I kept waiting for Andi to show some of that sass and fun a comic should have but it never happen.
Also, for a Hockey player, Ryan never ever touched a pug or a stick… just saying.
A lot of repetition, a flat plot and a villain who actually didn’t have any reason to be bad at all.

It didn’t really impressed me that much, but it’s the first work of this author so I’ll give her my vote of confidence in next books.

See you between the pages,

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REVIEW: Fall with Me (Wait for You #4) by Jennifer L. Armentrout


Eleven months ago, bartender and weird-shirt-wearing extraordinaire Roxy and Officer Reece Anders had a one night stand. Well, kind of. She’s been in love with him since she was fifteen, and he wishes that night they shared never happened. She’s sworn him off forever, but the past and future collide, forcing her to rely on the one man who broke her heart not once, but twice.
Her best friend since birth has been in a long-term care facility since he became a victim of a hate crime years ago, and the person who put him in there is out of prison and wanting to make amends with him and Roxy. She’s not sure she has room for forgiveness in her and when she begins to receive frightening messages and is on the receiving end of escalating violence, she thinks she knows who is to blame. The man who already destroyed one life already.
But Reece isn’t convinced. The threats are too personal, and even if Roxy doesn’t believe him, he’s not willing to let anyone hurt her. Including himself. He’s already messed up more than once when it comes to Roxy and he’s not going to let history repeat itself.


There are so many things I like about this series. One is the different subjects it touches, situations that happen in real life and it could happen to anyone. The second thing is the female character, some scared, some fragile, some strong but all of them determined. And third, and probably the most important, is the way these books make me feel; they can take me to relate to the situation and to suffer as if I was another character in the story.
Fall with me wasn’t any different from the 3 books before, except in the last category. For some reason, I couldn’t relate with this story as strongly as I did with the past ones. I couldn’t feel empathic with Roxy and I wasn’t as interested in Reece as I should (I mean, hot cop and all).

I certainly loved what Charlie’s character represented to the story – the gay friend that suffers because he’s parents don’t approve and because of the bullies. But I got the feeling that I could have known more about Charlie and i didn’t – I understand that it was painful for Roxy to think about him, but I’ve loved to get to know Charlie through her memories of him.

I also loved the moral struggle of Henry – and I did know from page one he wasn’t the stalker. He made a mistake and he owned it and for me that’s worth it of an apology. I also understood why Roxy didn’t want him around, but at the end it was good she listened to him.

Everything around the stalker gave me the creeps, so I think that was a good sign. I though it was Dean for the most part of the book but then, when we got introduce to Kip, he certainly looks suspicious. Totally freaked out about the photo-while-sleeping thing too! I would have run to my parents’ house as soon as weird things started to happen. But I get how Roxy could think it was her or a ghost around her house.

But finally, what disappointed me a little bit was Reece. Because Roxy was a girl with issues, but she was real – she had her crush, she had her pain and she had her pleasures. Reece, on the other hand, was an arrogant fool that, in my opinion, was taking the safe bet with the girls who’s been in love with him forever. Situations like the “lie” about their drunk night prove this statement. You are a guy, you know the girl’s been in love with you since forever and you were drunk and made a pass on her, or maybe she made the pass, but you have to know the next morning that you cannot be a jackass about the situation; you cannot ignore the girl and you cannot assume if you don’t ask. So, from my perspective, the “lie” was much his fault as it was hers. And I say “lie” with quotation marks because it wasn’t a big deal at all.

Anyway, I’ll give this book 3.5 stars and move forward with the series!
Happy reading!

Trish 🗯

REVIEW: Stay with Me (Wait for You #3) by Jennifer L. Armentrout

At 21, Calla hasn’t done a lot of things. She’s never been kissed, never seen the ocean, never gone to an amusement park. But growing up, she witnessed some things no child ever should. She still carries the physical and emotional scars of living with a strung-out mother, Mona—secrets she keeps from everyone, including her close circle of college friends.
But the safe cocoon Calla has carefully built is shattered when she discovers her mom has stolen her college money and run up a huge credit card debt in her name. Now, Calla has to go back to the small town she thought she’d left behind and clean up her mom’s mess again. Of course, when she arrives at her mother’s bar, Mona is nowhere to be found. Instead, six feet of hotness named Jackson James is pouring drinks and keeping the place humming.
Sexy and intense, Jax is in Calla’s business from the moment they meet, giving her a job and helping her search for Mona. And the way he looks at her makes it clear he wants to get horizontal . . . and maybe something more. Before Calla can let him get close, though, she’s got to deal with the pain of the past—and some very bad guys out to mess her up if she doesn’t give them her mom.


Definitely my favorite book of this series so far!
So much emotion and tension and the constant mystery of what’s going to happen next is the perfect combination that kept me hooked through the entire book.

And really, this is what love stories are made of – Jax was just awesome, I don’t have enough words to describe how much I liked him as a character and as a man. Even thou he’s not physically my type, the way he behaved towards Calla was just epic. Truly sweet, caring and committed. Even the last part when he confessed he knew about her before he met her, a situation that could have been creepy,  was romantic and sweet. He was the perfect hero for this novel. He was exactly what Calle needed so I’m beyond please with outcome of the story.

Calla was also great, considering all the things she lived and her lack of experience in the world. She was clueless of what was going on around her most of the times, but it was clear it was because she was naive and not stupid. And even when she was being stupid, she figured it out by herself and would tell us she was acting dumb.

Maybe the only thing I didn’t find completely necessary to the story was Calla’s friends involvement (meaning Teresa, Jase, Cam and Avery) but I understand it was the author’s way to keep the thread to the previous stories. But, I mean, couldn’t Teresa and Jase lived separated from Cam and Avery. At some point it was as if I was watching an episode of friends. But, again, I get it was to keep the characters involved in the overall story of the series.

Next story follows Roxy and Reece and I was really intrigued by what’s going on with them in Stay with me, so another positive point to J. Lynn for introduce this characters and their relationship with so much appeal 😉

So, five stars to this book!!!

Trish 🗯

REVIEW: Be with Me (Wait for You #2) by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Teresa Hamilton is having a rough year—she’s in love with her big brother’s best friend, but he hasn’t spoken to her since they shared a truly amazing, mind-blowing, change-your-life kiss. She got out of a terrible relationship. And now an injury is threatening to end her dance career for good. It’s time for Plan B – college. And maybe a chance to convince Jase that what they have together is real.

Jase Winstead has a huge secret that he’s not telling anyone. Especially not his best friend’s incredibly beautiful sister. Even though he and Teresa shared the hottest kiss of his life, he knows that his responsibilities must take priority. He certainly doesn’t have time for a relationship. But it doesn’t help that all he can think about kissing the one girl who could ruin everything for him.
As they’re thrown together more and more, Jase and Tess can’t keep denying their feelings for each other. But a familiar danger looms and tragedy strikes. As the campus recovers, the star-crossed couple must decide what they’re willing to risk to be together, and what they’re willing to lose if they’re not…


This author really has a talent to make me feel everything her characters are feeling and for that I can actually forgive some of the mistakes this story has.
I had more or less the same feeling that with the first book –  Wait for you – but I applaud the fact that J. Lynn wants to touch really emotional and uncomfortable subjects such as women abuse. Sometimes we don’t realize how close we are to these situations until it hit us in the face.

And when I  say mistakes before I don’t mean mistakes in a literacy sense. I mean in a personal sense. I’ll list some of them in details:

1. The fact that Teresa is in love with a guy who ignored her for a year – I know that happens to us women when we are young and I forgive her for that but then, after everything that happens between them and everything Jase knows about her past, he goes and ignores her again. I felt it was also a way of abuse, of not physical then emotional abuse. He knows she loves him and still messes with her feelings with his hot&cold actions.

2. Then is the fact that Teresa was injured more or less the whole book and Jase is pushing her to do physical activities that I’m pretty sure you cannot do when you have a knee injury, like riding a horse for example. Even after she was almost bitten to death by Erik, he goes and fucks her just after leaving the hospital. I mean, really?? She has bruises and a concussion, for God’s sake!

3. Third, there’s Cam who almost killed a guy the last time he messed with Teresa but who was to preoccupied with Avery to care if Jase was being a dick or not. He had this whole tantrum when I found out and then, when it was the time to make a move because Jase was behaving as an idiot, he goes and takes Jase’s side. Not cool Came!

Anyway, it sounds as if i didn’t enjoyed but I actually did. Like I said, J Lynn’s books somehow move me and for me that’s one of the most important qualities a book should have.

I loved the fact that even if Teresa lost her dream and her capacity to achieve her goals, she still fought to get something good out of her situation. She found peace in the present and started to create something new for herself. That’s a great lesson for real life! Because, as sad as it sounds, is more common than the happily ever after.

Now moving to the third book of the Series – Stay with me.
Happy reading!

Trish 🗯

REVIEW: Wait for You (Wait for You #1) by Jennifer L. Armentrout


⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ PLOT: 
Some things are worth waiting for…
Traveling thousands of miles from home to enter college is the only way nineteen-year-old Avery Morgansten can escape what happened at the Halloween party five years ago—an event that forever changed her life. All she needs to do is make it to her classes on time, make sure the bracelet on her left wrist stays in place, not draw any attention to herself, and maybe—please God—make a few friends, because surely that would be a nice change of pace. The one thing she didn’t need and never planned on was capturing the attention of the one guy who could shatter the precarious future she’s building for herself.

Some things are worth experiencing…
Cameron Hamilton is six feet and three inches of swoon-worthy hotness, complete with a pair of striking blue eyes and a remarkable ability to make her want things she believed were irrevocably stolen from her. She knows she needs to stay away from him, but Cam is freaking everywhere, with his charm, his witty banter, and that damn dimple that’s just so… so lickable. Getting involved with him is dangerous, but when ignoring the simmering tension that sparks whenever they are around each other becomes impossible, he brings out a side of her she never knew existed.

Some things should never be kept quiet…

But when Avery starts receiving threatening emails and phone calls forcing her to face a past she wants silenced, she’s has no other choice but to acknowledge that someone is refusing to allow her to let go of that night when everything changed. When the devastating truth comes out, will she resurface this time with one less scar? And can Cam be there to help her or will he be dragged down with her?

And some things are worth fighting for…


I’ve read mixed reviews about this book so I wasn’t sure how to start my own review. When I finished the book, I felt happy and complete. Like the circle was closed. I’m pretty sure that’s the idea of every book, specially a romantic one, so great job J. Lynn.

At first I wanted to rank it with 5 stars and then, after reading some of the less positive reviews, I wanted to rank it with 2 stars but I got to think about what this book is really about and here’s what I figured out:

This book is a YA/NA novel, so the idea is to appeal to a new generation that have hope that fairy tales and epic love stories are on their way. If you see this story through that perspective, it serves its propose perfectly. And why shouldn’t we believe in love in the beginning of our lives?

So, these thoughts got this book into the high part of the ranking again. Because there wasn’t a single time when I didn’t feel hope or love and, yes, even if at some point the characters start to act stupid or stereotype, they are also college students and 20 years older, so they are entitle to.
Anyway, once in a while I like to read YA books because they are so bright and full of promises and, even if Avery’s story is kind of depressing, she turned her life around and learned how to believe in herself and other again.

So overall, I give 4 stars to this book and, yes, I will be reading the sequels as well! 🙂

Trish 🗯