REVIEW: Aligned: Volume 4 by Ella Miles



I know who tried to kill me.

The same man that raped me is the same man that tried to kill me. Twice. I have some evidence, but not enough. I want revenge, but every step I take towards getting that revenge I feel myself drifting further from Landon.

I’m going to lose him.

I’m going to lose everything that I care about. All I can focus on is revenge. Maybe then I will be able to put the past behind me. Maybe then I can truly heal. I just hope I don’t lose him and myself in the process.
__ __

She’s pregnant.

Caroline has always held my deepest darkest secrets, but now she thinks she has another one. One that could control me. I can’t be a father though.

I’m a monster.

The baby can’t be mine. If it is, I already know my future. I’ll lose the woman I love. The only woman I’ve ever wanted.”


Amazing finale for this thriller that got me in knots the entire time. Even in the final chapters, I was still figuring out new things about the characters.

In this particular book I was more interested in Drew and Caroline than in Alexa and Landon. But I have to say, Alexa grew up so much from Aligned: Volume 1 to here. She became strong and independent. She learned how to solve her own issues and insecurities. And she started to heal from her physical and emotional wounds. You can almost forget she’s missing part of her leg reading her story and not because is not mentioned but because the character lives her life beyond that.

The final moments between Alexa and Ethan were absolutely terrifying. To think that someone is so twisted to continually rape and abuse his significant other and then marry her is disgusting, but sadly I’m sure there are people like that in the world. But I do have one question at this point: how the hell did a BABY survive Alexa’s beating? That was a little bit unreal for me.

On the other hand, Landon’s strength and bravery when he turned himself to the authorities for what he did to Caroline’s brother was a great point for the character. It created respect for him, no matter what he did.

Thanks Ella for introducing Drew and Caroline’s sideline thou. Without them, the book would have been too intense to take. Their story gave romance, love and hope to the pages and, at least in my case, gave me a break from the complete heartbreak I was experiencing with Alex life.

Also, big points for making the whole series interesting – It’s easy to get tired of so many books about the same characters but this was certainly not the case AT ALL!

Anyway, amazing series; intense and deep! So 5 enormous starts 😉

Happy reading,

Trish 🗯


REVIEW: Aligned: Volume 3 by Ella Miles



He’s alive.
I don’t know how, but he’s standing here in the doorway. A torn piece of green silk sticking out of his pocket matching the fabric that I carry with me everywhere to remember him.
My heart has been torn in two.
I don’t know who I’m supposed to love. A man that has stolen my heart or my husband who I thought was dead.
— —
He’s fucking alive.
That can’t be possible. I found someone I could finally love. Someone I want to spend the rest of my life with.
But I can’t love Alex.
Not now. I have to let her go. It’s the only way I can save her. I just hope I’m strong enough to save myself.


Since the beginning the book is as intriguing as the other two. I found myself wondering really hard what is Landon hiding? What did he do to Caroline? I’m afraid is going to be something along the lines of rape or abuse… Specially giving his tendencies towards BDMS and all that. I was hoping I could find out in this volume, but I guess I have to wait for the next.

And then there’s Ethan, which I can’t figure out between chapters. I didn’t know I like him or not and I had the impression Alexa was with him to find something out and to investigate him. But, as in the first two books, that impression could have changed so easily. What I do know from the start is that he and his mother somehow planned what happened to Alexa. So that puts Ethan in the “don’t like” lane even more strongly.

I was so happy when I found out Alexa rather to be call Alex in the past too. Like Landon calls her. These are the things that got me absolutely loving this book, that it keeps getting better and better.

Plus, now Caroline and Drew have a secret too – Wow, this mess keeps tangling more and more!

So I’m left with a lot of questions, AGAIN!
Who’s the killer?
Does Landon’s secret have anything to do with Alex?
Did they meet each other before?
Or is Ethan behind it all?
And, Caroline is pregnant!! Is it Landon’s or Drew’s? Because there is definitely something between Caroline and Drew!

I have that feeling where I really want to know what’s going on but I kind of don’t want the books to end either!
So, I’m jumping to the next… I’ll report the outcome soon!

Happy reading,
Trish 🗯

REVIEW: Aligned: Volume 2 by Ella Miles


My mind is a mess.
I can’t live this way anymore. He thinks I’ve told him the worst, but I’ve barely told him anything at all.
I can’t love Landon.
He just brings more confusion. I need to leave. Then I can break through the chaos that haunts me.
My mind has never been so clear.
I’m writing new songs faster than ever before. I’m falling for her, even as the secret that I’ve kept hidden for years threatens to reveal itself.
I can’t love Alex.
Everyone will know I’m a monster. I’ll stay away. It’s the only way.


Wow, again this thriller left me with my mouth open! In the last book I really though Alexa was in love with Ethan and missing him after the accident but I never imagined she had lost her memories and she didn’t remember anything from her past life. But she keep surprising me and being a really brave character! I think going to NYC to find her own answers and face her demons is the best decision she ever made in this book.

I absolutely loved how Landon was incapable of staying away of Alex, no matter what. And we got to uncover another layer from his character: he was an alcoholic and like his dad, he lost control with the drinks, so he stopped. He also pushes Alex to live, to take risks because I cares about her (the best example is their scene in the cliff, awesome).

And what is it about Ethan? Was he a bully or an abuser? I’m so confused about him – sometimes he seemed nice through Alex’ perspective and other I wondered if he was mean to her. I guess I got the opportunity to find out in the next book, knowing he’s ALIVE and all! A really freaking turning point, if you ask me! Best way to end a book!ç

Maybe the only thing that seemed a little bit unrealistic to me was the fact that now Alex is a super woman and knows how to control her panic about her sex encounters. Now she seems to know what she needs when she needs it, no matter how rough or wild.

But other than that, I keep giving this thriller my 5 full stars!
Can’t wait to see what happens next!


REVIEW: Aligned: Volume 1 by Ella Miles



He’s an arrogant complication.
I don’t care if Landon Davis has sold millions of records. I don’t care that his damn crooked grin makes my panties wet.
I can’t want him.
I should be mourning, but I can’t. I just need him gone. Then I can align the chaos floating in my head.
She has a f*cking boyfriend.
I’ve seen the picture of them together. But Alex Blakely still wants me. And who am I not to oblige when her body is begging for me?
I need one night to own her body.
I should be focused on getting my career out of the gutter. I’ll take one night first. Then I’ll be gone.


WOW!! Just WOW!
This book blew my mind completely!! I almost don’t have word to describe how much I enjoyed it and how hung I’m on the story! I can’t wait to read Aligned: Volume 2.

I got hook since the beginning – I couldn’t stop reading and I finished it within hours of starting it. The first chapters helped me to get into Alexa and Landon’s frame of mind. I got to know that something happened to her and she lost something (and someone) important but we readers don’t get to much details and we start forming questions such as: why did she move to LA? Why isn’t she giving her full name?

Alexa come across as a very affected person – with self-esteem issues that are more than understandable considering she has scars all over her, she’s missing part of her leg and she has panic attacks very frequently. She keeps referring about herself as a monster, word that we keep reading between the lines not only from her, but also from Landon; he feels like a monster too.

But really, Landon just behaves as any rock star would: cocky, arrogant an with a huge ego. We see some of his “monster” side in the way he treats Caroline, but other than that he’s just another Justin Bieber. But while the books moves forward, we get to see Landon the guy, not the singer. He takes his time with Alex; he’s not jumping her or invading her (at least not after the first time in her house). And even if his intention aren’t the purest, I gave him points for being patient with her.

We get really good turns on the events during the chapters, like when we see Landon in the club and think nothing happen when in reality her already knows Alex is married but he goes after her anyway. This kind of spins keep us readers really interested.

Its also amazing how Ella Miles gives us pieces of Alexa’s story at the beginning of each chapter. At the end I came back to all of them and read them in order and understood better what was going on. We also get lyrics of Landon’s songs to Alex. This helped a lot to developed the characters emotional state and the motivation for their actions.

And wow! At the last chapter, the author left us in a cliff! Alexa is full of mystery: What’s going on with her mom? Is Ethan dead? Why is she lying to Landon? What is she hiding?

So, I can only give 5 enormous stars to this book and run to read the second and untangle the mess I’m in now!

Happy reading,
Trish 🗯

REVIEW: Moonshot by Alessandra Torre

Baseball isn’t supposed to be a game of life and death… 

The summer that Chase Stern entered my life, I was seventeen. The daughter of a legend, the Yankees were my family, their stadium my home, their dugout my workplace. My focus was on the game. Chase… he started out as a distraction. A distraction with sex appeal poured into every inch of his six foot frame. A distraction who played like a god and partied like a devil. 

I tried to stay away. 

I couldn’t.
Then, the team started losing. 

Women started dying. 
And everything in my world broke apart.


There’s been a while since a book got me completely caught and I’m not anticipating what’s going to happen at the end. Most of the time I have a pretty good idea of how the story is going to end. No with Moonshot. Alessandra Torre made sure us readers couldn’t know how Ty’s story ended. I spent most of the book afraid of what I was going to find in the next chapter and thinking that probably Tyler was going to die or that Chase was going to cheat and leave her. Or that Tobey was the actual killer. Thousands of scenarios that weren’t real. I was absolutely surprised with the outcome and the final chapters and as a fan girl (in my case, soccer) I could relate to Ty’s feelings all the time.

Now, in truly spoiler’s form, the story starts as a teenage dream – Chase Stern was going to play in the Yankees and Tyler, ball girl and pitcher’s daughter, couldn’t believe her luck. I think how would feel if I had the chance to be close to David Beckham and understand her perfectly. What she doesn’t know is that Chase is not a golden boy, but a damage guy with a drug addiction and bad attitude.

I really liked the fact that we could hear Chase point of view in some of the moments because, otherwise, I would have hated him from word one (I mean, he’s inhaling cocaine and sleeping with a teammate’s wife!). He was trouble but Ty’s sweetness and innocence saved him from himself.

Then, the whole “I sleep with other man because you left me” part was really frustrating, but then again, Tyler is a fresh 18 years older by then and she clearly didn’t have enough experience to handle the situation. And besides, if my boyfriend (or whatever they were at that point) came out of my room, after we share a moment, to consume cocaine with other girls instead of talking to me, I would have gone drown myself in alcohol too. The sex part was just a consequence of that.

Apart from that, Ty and Chase’s relationship was gorgeous! Pure teenage love on her side and false expectations on his part. He though she was pure and virginal because she was 18 and she was going to forgive him for everything he did. She though he was a knight in shinning armor and was going to come back for her after he left. Then 4 years forward, full lives formed, he comes back expecting to find her the same – and yes, Tyler still loves him, but I think is great she wants to spare her husband the pain. If Chase wanted her, he had to wait! She even said so at some point! This was great because she’s not a little girl anymore and she cannot leave everything behind just because he decided it was time to reach out.

In the end, I never would have guessed a journalist was the killer and that it was because he was in love with Tobey. I though it was going to be Tobey himself for most part of the book, so it was nice how it turned out. And I didn’t feel bad because Tobey was cheating on Tyler because she was in love with someone else all that time too. So, perfect ending for all the characters.

Five moonshot stars to this book! 😉
Trish 🗯

Review: The Risky Business Series by Tiffany Snow

Usually I don’t like series that are focus on the same characters – I mean, I love series where everyone is involved and each book is focus in a different couple. That’s not the case with this one – The Risky Business Series is about the exact same three characters all two (and third) books.

But somehow that didn’t stop me to enjoy them both – A LOT – and to left me hang over because I have to wait until February 2016 to know what happens next between Sage, Parker and Ryker (Yikes!!!! ).

So to this series, since I read both books really fast, I’m gonna combined their reviews into one, because is the same story.

A little overview of the books and my impressions below:
Power Play (Risky Business #1)

So, the story goes like this – Sage Reece is the Executive Assistant of Parker Anderson, Financial Advisor for the almost everybody in Chicago – Parker is rude and commanding and Sage is always running errands and working which doesn’t allow her to have a life. One of her many working days is interrupted by sexy and dangerous Dean Ryker, a cop who’s looking for Parker in his office and who’s investigating the firm for trying to clean capitals for the Russian Mob.

It turns out Parker and Ryker have a long history together and they despised each other. Obviously both of them are gorgeous and at the end Sage have to decide between her loyalty to her boss or her attraction to the cop.


I actually loved this book! Because although the story is quite complete is not that complicated and allows the reader to focus in the important matters of it.
Love triangle from the beginning till the end, non of them can actually stay away from one another.
Sage is obsessed with Parker (I’m going to details later), Parker is oblivious to this fact but he’s kind of attracted to Sage too and the Ryker comes and explode everything with his easy smile and confidence. 

Ok, let’s star with Sage – in the beginning of this books she’s dumped because she cannot separate her work from her life – and don’t get me wrong – I get that this is quite a job with great salary and amazing benefits (which she can’t enjoy because she’s always working) but c’mon, is obvious she does it because she’s attracted to Parker.
Let’s see the facts:
1- She’s already rich, so the excuse of paying the bills is lame. She leaves in a really nice place that her father pays for her and dressed herself in designer clothes.
2- She’s not even in economics or business – she’s an art mayor so this is not the job of her life. She’s not even looking for a job in her area of expertise!
3- Based in the fact that her only friend works in the same company, she doesn’t even tries to have a life outside the office.

So, that being clarify, is pretty obvious to me why she works for him and why she defended him so much. Even when the facts incriminated him.

Then, there’s Parker – rude with everybody, even Sage. I wonder how can you love someone who makes you pick up his s$&t all the time and doesn’t even say Thank You. But I know that happens a lot so moving on. On the inside he’s a pretty decent guy – Ex Marine, with money and manners – but who doesn’t care about anybody else emotions but his. He plays with Sage all the time and he’s undecided if he wants her or not. He even used her feelings for him to manipulated her into do whatever that he want (not cool). But I get it, he gets away because his extremely hot.
And besides, what kind of best friends sleeps with his friend’s girlfriend, not matter what she says??? &%$&·/ – Yeah, that’s what I though too.

Finally there’s Ryker, which I think is the best character of this book – even If I think the author could do a little bit more with. He’s carefree, funny, spontaneous, attractive and strigh-forward. A what-you-see-is-what-you-get kind of guy. He has his complex regarding money and is kind of judgmental about it but other than that he’s the best heart of all of the three. He gets to Sage part because he wants to find whats going on on the inside of the company, part because he wants to get back of Parker because of the Natalie thing and part because he’s attracted to her. He always treats her right and tells her the truth.

What I liked the most is the fact that they have real relationships between them. Non of this men is advocated to give Sage EVERYTHING! Both have their lives and she is one part of it, not all of it!! Also, you get hang in the mafia situation wanting to know what happens next all the time.
This is why I gave this book 5 stars!

Playing Dirty (Risky Business #2)

Sage, Parker and Ryker are back. After Sage chose a relationship with Ryker over who-knows-what with Parker, they’re struggling to keep it together. His complex about her money and her inability to leave Parker in the past get in the way. And plus, now Parker seems to have a change of heart about her and wants her for him.

In the middle of the love mess, there’s this gang which Ryker used to go undercover and that now is looking for revenge – and which better way that killing the girlfriend of the cop.
Parker and Ryker have to put their animosity aside to protect Sage.


I gave this but half star less than the last one. Why? Because even if I loved how the author continued the story I have to say that this could’ve go totally different in my perspective. And I’ll tell you how.

This book starts with Parker’s confession of his feeling for Sage and – to my disbelieve – he had wanted her from the begging!!!! (What a way to show it!!!). I would’ve liked that he admitted his interest had increased because she was dating Ryker which was entirely true! He acts like a boy who didn’t want his toy but doesn’t want anyone playing with it either.

So Sage picks up Ryker over Parker at the end of the last book. But she doesn’t truly give him a chance – she’s constantly playing with fire with Parker (touching, eating, drinking with him) and daydreaming about what could have been with him – fact that is not fear for Ryker. 

Then Ryker is either blind or not wanting to see the true about Parker and Sage because he gets them in pretty compromising situations and always forgives her – she puts Parker so many times first that makes me sick and even at the end, when she chooses Parker over Ryker in a life or death situation, her choose to look aside and forgive her again.
And what does she does? She goes and sleeps with Parker, AGAIN!!!!! Minutes after telling Ryker that she loves him. Ok, so let’s say that the first time is justified – Ryker pretend to try to kill her and was making out with some other chick at a bar (Although she could have let him know that it was over then and there), but the second time it was deliberate cheating with a doubt. So, she’s not better than the Natalie girl.

It’s clear from the way everything turns out in the end that Parker in the main character (although I know that, like mine, most of our hearts belong to Ryker) She loves him more, she even chooses him in front of Ryker so there’s not much to say. 

In my opinion, the only available options is that Sage stays away from both of them because the mess is too big and she could never be happy with neither after everything that had happened. But I don’t see that happening anytime soon (specially with a new book coming up) since at the end Sage chooses Ryker again and ask her father to drop her in his house. (Because if she really thinks that Parker is death, she could have gone to mourn him in her house or something like that).

Oh, and one last thing about this book – Why, oh why if Sage father is suppose to be a Italian Mob’s leader she gets in so many trouble??? How he couldn’t know about Viktor in all this time and only saves her from Leo in the end?? If he’s so powerful how can he be blind about this situation???

Once again, I truly enjoyed the fact that the book kept me hanging from the begging and than now I’m dying to read “Play to Win” that’s gonna be publish in February 2016.

Until then, I’ll be hung over once again! hahahaha

Hope you like my review and if you have something to say to hesitated in the comments below.

As always, see you between the pages!


The Millennium Series has a new book!

A few years ago, some Swedish author named Stieg Larsson got us caught in a very addicting mystery – where a girl with a really complex personality and some double-standard moral ground tangles herself in an investigation with a non-respected journalist.

The Millennium Series was an intense story, describing not only an unexpected rand strange relationship between Lisbeth Salander and Mikael Blomkvist, but the solving of several crimes related to women abuse and mob issues.

In the end of the third book, the author left us wanting for more (not only for the way it ended but also by dying without finishing the rest of the saga), but now we can discover what happened to the characters after their last adventure because the fourth part of the story is going to be published between summer and fall of this year!!! 

David Lagercrantz is the author responsible for continue Larsson’s legacy and is safe to say that it has a great weight upon his shoulders, because many fans of the series are eagerly expecting this book! (If you want to know more about him, you can click in his name to go to his Goodreads profile :D)

Also, and to add some spice into the matter, Lagercrantz has to deal with Eva Gabrielsson disapproval of project. Since Gabrielsson ( Larsson’s long-term partner) possesses an unfinished manuscript for the next part of the Millennium series, which is not included in the upcoming fourth novel, she refers to Lagercrantz’ work as a “completely idiotic choice”: 

“The worst thing is how saddened Stieg would have been. He never let anyone work on his literary texts. He would have been furious. Who knows, maybe he’ll send a lightning bolt at the book launch,” she said.

Aside from all the drama, The Girl in the Spider’s Web is expected to be around us on August 27th, 2015, unless you’re in the US, in which case you have to wait until September 1st, 2015 – and for those who, like me, can wait to see what’s new to Lisbeth and Blomkvist, here’s the plot:

“In this adrenaline-charged thriller, genius-hacker Lisbeth Salander and journalist Mikael Blomkvist face a dangerous new threat and must again join forces.

Late one night, Blomkvist receives a phone call from a trusted source claiming to have information vital to the United States. The source has been in contact with a young female super hacker—a hacker resembling someone Blomkvist knows all too well.

 The implications are staggering.

Blomkvist, in desperate need of a scoop for Millennium, turns to Lisbeth for help. She, as usual, has her own agenda. 

In The Girl in the Spider’s Web, the duo who thrilled 80 million readers in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The Girl Who Played with Fire, and The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest meet again in an extraordinary and uniquely of-the-moment thriller.”

So, we’ll keep waiting to see if The Girl in the Spider’s Web fulfill yours and our expectations, in the meantime…

…see you between the pages!