Commander in Chief by Katy Evans

Commander in Chief (White House, #2)My rating: 2 of 5 stars

It’s an entertaining book and if you read the first one, you’d want to know what happened to the new president and to Charlotte.
But I had the same issue with this book as with the Manwhore sequel. It got repetitive… I got bored around 20% on… I was super frustrated by the exaggerated amount of praise towards Matt.
Come on, even if he’s extremely hot and he’s the president of the United States, he’s still a human being with flaws so I was lost in Charlotte’s starry-eye girl routine about him.
Also, the whole first lady in act thing was kind of unbelievable, seeing how in the US every little stupid thing the president does, even if it’s a stupid comment, can become an scandal. So the fact that he had his mistress living in the white house and acting as the first lady and everybody being happy about that was kind of a stretch.

For what is worth, I appreciated that Katy made the story somewhat uncomplicated… no other women or murder attempt or anything like that.

Thanks for reading and see you between the pages.


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