REVIEW: Aligned: Volume 2 by Ella Miles


My mind is a mess.
I can’t live this way anymore. He thinks I’ve told him the worst, but I’ve barely told him anything at all.
I can’t love Landon.
He just brings more confusion. I need to leave. Then I can break through the chaos that haunts me.
My mind has never been so clear.
I’m writing new songs faster than ever before. I’m falling for her, even as the secret that I’ve kept hidden for years threatens to reveal itself.
I can’t love Alex.
Everyone will know I’m a monster. I’ll stay away. It’s the only way.


Wow, again this thriller left me with my mouth open! In the last book I really though Alexa was in love with Ethan and missing him after the accident but I never imagined she had lost her memories and she didn’t remember anything from her past life. But she keep surprising me and being a really brave character! I think going to NYC to find her own answers and face her demons is the best decision she ever made in this book.

I absolutely loved how Landon was incapable of staying away of Alex, no matter what. And we got to uncover another layer from his character: he was an alcoholic and like his dad, he lost control with the drinks, so he stopped. He also pushes Alex to live, to take risks because I cares about her (the best example is their scene in the cliff, awesome).

And what is it about Ethan? Was he a bully or an abuser? I’m so confused about him – sometimes he seemed nice through Alex’ perspective and other I wondered if he was mean to her. I guess I got the opportunity to find out in the next book, knowing he’s ALIVE and all! A really freaking turning point, if you ask me! Best way to end a book!ç

Maybe the only thing that seemed a little bit unrealistic to me was the fact that now Alex is a super woman and knows how to control her panic about her sex encounters. Now she seems to know what she needs when she needs it, no matter how rough or wild.

But other than that, I keep giving this thriller my 5 full stars!
Can’t wait to see what happens next!



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