Review: Avoiding Commitment by K.A. Linde

I don’t know how to start the review for this book so I just gonna jump into it, so if you haven’t read it STOP HERE because I’m sure as hell gonna share some SPOILERS.


So, long story short – Lexi met Jack at college – they started to hang around – she thinks he wants a relationship with her when in reality, he had a girlfriend back home and was messing with Lexi’s mind and heart. She gets pissed and ask him not to lie to her anymore – so from then on, she believes that he’s going to achieved that (Mistake #1!!!!) – Then they started and on and off, not healthy at all relationship (Mistake #2) where both of them cheated on their current partners and somehow thought it was OK because it was them (Mistake #3). After all of this, Lexi still thinks she and Jack belong together (after he never committed to her and never chose her as his number one option) and gave him a chance that he clearly screwed by sleeping with his roommate (Mistake #4). They part ways until the day he called her to ask for her help and you know what she does?? She goes!!!! (Mistake #5).
There are so many mistakes this girl makes for this guy that I can even begging to comprehend… I got really pissed by her denial attitude and her delusion about her “connection” with him.
Jack is an asswhole who treats women as he please and then is just full of shit at the end. He makes so many excuse that is impossible not to believe that he is actually lying ALL THE TIME!!!!!!!
Lexi is plain STUPID – she believes everything Jack says! HE DOESN’T WANT TO BE WITH YOU! Get that already!
Is so obvious that Lexi is just the easy lay for Jack that almost hurt to keep reading while she says he’s all that she wants and that she is sure he is in love with her!
Clearly he doesn’t have a minimal clue of what LOVE is – a don’t know if it is because his parents got divorce (like thousands of parents in the world) or because he just gets plenty because of his pretty face and always wants the easy way.
Girls! Listen to me! If a man does not leave his girlfriend for you and is always making excuses about why you’re not his number one option he DOESN’T LOVE YOU!!! Is as simple as that!
At the end, Lexi loose six years of her life chasing a fantasy and hurting everyone that is around her because she’s jus stubborn. Spencer, Clark and Ramsey – all of then perfectly good men who where doing right by her, but she was always thinking with her pussy and stuck in her mind that non of them where as good as Jack.
Seriously? a relationship is much more than a pretty face and sexual connection! And she had it with all the other guys – she just didn’t want to see it.
Then, please, the part where they fuck against the wall in his birthday – he just raped her! Really – what is it with this woman that she cannot realized that??? And then she goes and almost screw thing out with Ramsey???
Sometimes is good to listen to someone else! So, Lexi, why do you have a friend if you’re not going to pay attention to her??? Chyna is the only one with a right set of mind around the situation! So at least some of these characters weren’t crazy.
And Bekah was glowing in the fact that she gets to keep Jack to herself??? If it were I, she could’d have it with a bow and everything! Why do you want a man that doesn’t respect you and clearly sleeps around with every blonde with legs?? The answer to that question is beyond me.
But seriously talking about the book, is really good the way is written – you go back and forth in time and little by little uncovers the events of Jack’s and Lexi’s story. This fact keeps you loop in what can come next… the author reserved details since the beginning of the book and just drop them one by one in the develop of the story.
I guess the story really got me tangled, which is why I’m giving it three stars, beside the fact that most of the behavior of the characters of the book pissed me off! hahahaha – this proves that is not the perfect story but the emotions that the reader got from the story what makes a book readible!
At the end, the story leave us hanging and wanting to know more about Ramsey and Lexi – Did she believed him? Are they seeing each other again? When?
I guess this is where I start to read the second book of the series, Avoiding Responsibility, to figure it out! I’ll let you know later how that goes!
Thanks for reading!
See you between the pages…


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