Review: The Risky Business Series by Tiffany Snow

Usually I don’t like series that are focus on the same characters – I mean, I love series where everyone is involved and each book is focus in a different couple. That’s not the case with this one – The Risky Business Series is about the exact same three characters all two (and third) books.

But somehow that didn’t stop me to enjoy them both – A LOT – and to left me hang over because I have to wait until February 2016 to know what happens next between Sage, Parker and Ryker (Yikes!!!! ).

So to this series, since I read both books really fast, I’m gonna combined their reviews into one, because is the same story.

A little overview of the books and my impressions below:
Power Play (Risky Business #1)

So, the story goes like this – Sage Reece is the Executive Assistant of Parker Anderson, Financial Advisor for the almost everybody in Chicago – Parker is rude and commanding and Sage is always running errands and working which doesn’t allow her to have a life. One of her many working days is interrupted by sexy and dangerous Dean Ryker, a cop who’s looking for Parker in his office and who’s investigating the firm for trying to clean capitals for the Russian Mob.

It turns out Parker and Ryker have a long history together and they despised each other. Obviously both of them are gorgeous and at the end Sage have to decide between her loyalty to her boss or her attraction to the cop.


I actually loved this book! Because although the story is quite complete is not that complicated and allows the reader to focus in the important matters of it.
Love triangle from the beginning till the end, non of them can actually stay away from one another.
Sage is obsessed with Parker (I’m going to details later), Parker is oblivious to this fact but he’s kind of attracted to Sage too and the Ryker comes and explode everything with his easy smile and confidence. 

Ok, let’s star with Sage – in the beginning of this books she’s dumped because she cannot separate her work from her life – and don’t get me wrong – I get that this is quite a job with great salary and amazing benefits (which she can’t enjoy because she’s always working) but c’mon, is obvious she does it because she’s attracted to Parker.
Let’s see the facts:
1- She’s already rich, so the excuse of paying the bills is lame. She leaves in a really nice place that her father pays for her and dressed herself in designer clothes.
2- She’s not even in economics or business – she’s an art mayor so this is not the job of her life. She’s not even looking for a job in her area of expertise!
3- Based in the fact that her only friend works in the same company, she doesn’t even tries to have a life outside the office.

So, that being clarify, is pretty obvious to me why she works for him and why she defended him so much. Even when the facts incriminated him.

Then, there’s Parker – rude with everybody, even Sage. I wonder how can you love someone who makes you pick up his s$&t all the time and doesn’t even say Thank You. But I know that happens a lot so moving on. On the inside he’s a pretty decent guy – Ex Marine, with money and manners – but who doesn’t care about anybody else emotions but his. He plays with Sage all the time and he’s undecided if he wants her or not. He even used her feelings for him to manipulated her into do whatever that he want (not cool). But I get it, he gets away because his extremely hot.
And besides, what kind of best friends sleeps with his friend’s girlfriend, not matter what she says??? &%$&·/ – Yeah, that’s what I though too.

Finally there’s Ryker, which I think is the best character of this book – even If I think the author could do a little bit more with. He’s carefree, funny, spontaneous, attractive and strigh-forward. A what-you-see-is-what-you-get kind of guy. He has his complex regarding money and is kind of judgmental about it but other than that he’s the best heart of all of the three. He gets to Sage part because he wants to find whats going on on the inside of the company, part because he wants to get back of Parker because of the Natalie thing and part because he’s attracted to her. He always treats her right and tells her the truth.

What I liked the most is the fact that they have real relationships between them. Non of this men is advocated to give Sage EVERYTHING! Both have their lives and she is one part of it, not all of it!! Also, you get hang in the mafia situation wanting to know what happens next all the time.
This is why I gave this book 5 stars!

Playing Dirty (Risky Business #2)

Sage, Parker and Ryker are back. After Sage chose a relationship with Ryker over who-knows-what with Parker, they’re struggling to keep it together. His complex about her money and her inability to leave Parker in the past get in the way. And plus, now Parker seems to have a change of heart about her and wants her for him.

In the middle of the love mess, there’s this gang which Ryker used to go undercover and that now is looking for revenge – and which better way that killing the girlfriend of the cop.
Parker and Ryker have to put their animosity aside to protect Sage.


I gave this but half star less than the last one. Why? Because even if I loved how the author continued the story I have to say that this could’ve go totally different in my perspective. And I’ll tell you how.

This book starts with Parker’s confession of his feeling for Sage and – to my disbelieve – he had wanted her from the begging!!!! (What a way to show it!!!). I would’ve liked that he admitted his interest had increased because she was dating Ryker which was entirely true! He acts like a boy who didn’t want his toy but doesn’t want anyone playing with it either.

So Sage picks up Ryker over Parker at the end of the last book. But she doesn’t truly give him a chance – she’s constantly playing with fire with Parker (touching, eating, drinking with him) and daydreaming about what could have been with him – fact that is not fear for Ryker. 

Then Ryker is either blind or not wanting to see the true about Parker and Sage because he gets them in pretty compromising situations and always forgives her – she puts Parker so many times first that makes me sick and even at the end, when she chooses Parker over Ryker in a life or death situation, her choose to look aside and forgive her again.
And what does she does? She goes and sleeps with Parker, AGAIN!!!!! Minutes after telling Ryker that she loves him. Ok, so let’s say that the first time is justified – Ryker pretend to try to kill her and was making out with some other chick at a bar (Although she could have let him know that it was over then and there), but the second time it was deliberate cheating with a doubt. So, she’s not better than the Natalie girl.

It’s clear from the way everything turns out in the end that Parker in the main character (although I know that, like mine, most of our hearts belong to Ryker) She loves him more, she even chooses him in front of Ryker so there’s not much to say. 

In my opinion, the only available options is that Sage stays away from both of them because the mess is too big and she could never be happy with neither after everything that had happened. But I don’t see that happening anytime soon (specially with a new book coming up) since at the end Sage chooses Ryker again and ask her father to drop her in his house. (Because if she really thinks that Parker is death, she could have gone to mourn him in her house or something like that).

Oh, and one last thing about this book – Why, oh why if Sage father is suppose to be a Italian Mob’s leader she gets in so many trouble??? How he couldn’t know about Viktor in all this time and only saves her from Leo in the end?? If he’s so powerful how can he be blind about this situation???

Once again, I truly enjoyed the fact that the book kept me hanging from the begging and than now I’m dying to read “Play to Win” that’s gonna be publish in February 2016.

Until then, I’ll be hung over once again! hahahaha

Hope you like my review and if you have something to say to hesitated in the comments below.

As always, see you between the pages!



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