Review: I’ve Got Your Number – Sophie Kinsella


For this book’s review I’m using a different method since I couldn’t help myself to wrote what a though from the begging! 

Of course, what can one expect from the author of Confessions of a Shopaholic, Sophie Kinsella???

Since I’m doing this I have to tell you there’s going to be SPOILERS along the entire review, so stop HERE if you haven’t read the book (I guarantee it’s a book that worth read it first!)

So, here it goes:


So far, I can only give this book 5 big and shining stars!!!! And I’ve only read like 20% of it!

Yeah, I know it sounds crazy but I’ve been laughing out loud since I begun with it – Poppy (the main female character) is simply hilarious!!!!

Plus, the British-darkish-kinda-humor is amazing – Poppy’s point of view, her relation with her friends, with her fiancé and even with Sam is straigh-forward and just plain funny, I can’t wait to finish it.

So far, she took someone else’s phone from a bin, sang “Single Ladies” adaptation to a Japanese she’d never seen in her life, pretended burning her hand to avoid her in-laws, read messages not address to her but to Sam… I can imaging what’s gonna happen next! hahahha


Ok, so Poppy has gone completely crazy!!!!!

There’s already so many wrong things about sharing a phone, let alone an email account (an a corporate email account, let me say!).

How can she goes around replying Sam’s emails as if she was him – not only addressing business situations but also personal ones (his father!!!!! c’mon!!!)

At this points she should go and check her own life: his fiancé is a asshole, her in-laws are judgmental trash, her friends are not really her friends (specially that Annalise who clearly whats to bang Magnus!), her wedding planner sucks – See? So many things to repair in her life to go messing with Sam’s.

And I want to make an special mention to Magnus, the fiancé. A total fake this guy! Flirting with Poppy’s friends is not cool man! Stop Annalise’s hand when she gets handsy. In my opinion, he also could pay more attention to her fiancée – treat her better, do not disappear over the phone every time things get complicated with his parents or something important (as your wedding rehearsal) is happening!

Another important topic is Lucinda finding the ring in her purse!!! How did that happen?? Isn’t suppose to be isn the safe of the hotel? How does she got it? Something weird is going on with this Lucinda – she’s to bitchy to be cool with the weeding or with Poppy.

I really loved Sam and Poppy’s twisted relationship (or whatever that can be called) – They’re so different that simply fits. He’s quite, sharp and curt. She’s over the top, extremely polite (even kind of naïve) and kind. But somehow they make sense.

Their exchange on the train proves my point and also the fact that Sam’s kinda treats Poppy differently than the rest of the world, but still is quite honest with her – and he’s right, she definitely doesn’t want to be hate so she tries just a little bit hard with everyone, leaving people to step on top of her.

I’m hanging on the pages to find out about the mystery Scottie – who’s been framing Sir Nicholas and to see Willow’s reaction to see Sam and Poppy together. Why does Sam want to date someone like Willow? She’s really annoying.

Ok, I have to say this! I KNEW IT! Magnus is really really and asshole and on top of that a lying cheating s&%t!

Although there were some red flags from the begging with this relationship: the really early engagement (after 1 month dating!!!!!!), his lack of interest in anything related to the wedding and his self-center attitude. Plus, Poppy’s incapability to speak openly with him (communication is the main basis of every relationship)

And if you can have an special moment in the forest with another man (even if it’s as platonic as a hug), you should rethink your steps – probably you’re not as in love as you though you were and you can reconsider the wedding thing.


At the end, I have to say that this is by far the best book I’ve read in the couple of month I’ve out – quite hilarious, it got me laughing most of the time and hanging into the story to really know what happened next.

The final text between Poppy and Sam, just before the wedding, almost broke my heart and when he writes to the entire church I got so happy I almost cry.

But the best part is that they weren’t fooling themselves – They knew the couldn’t be in love only because they share a couple of messages and some adventures – so they just started dating to see if their feelings could evolved into something more!

Overall, I LOVED this book!

Please, tell me what you think about it in the comments bellow.

Hope you enjoy my review and see you between the pages 😉



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