What’s coming!!!!!!


I know I’ve been MIA for quiet a lot of time, so so sorryyyyyyy… But just let me tell you that this thing called Motherhood is tough stuff!!!!!

When they say you can’t actually breath, they really mean it! And don’t get me wrong, is really as rewarding as every mother in the world profess, but not less tiring.

And is specially tough to a committed reader like me because let’s face it, how can you actually get peace and quite reading time with a crying baby!

Well, I’m glad to inform you than in the three months since my baby was born I’ve read a lot of books, which translate to a lot of book reviews to share with you guys and gals!!

So, a little overview of what’s coming:
  • Jennifer Probst kept me up every night while I was nursing my baby with her series – First the Marriage to a Billionaire Series and then Searching For Series! Interconnected, this 2 series provide us eight great books to spend our reading time! And I’m looking forward to read Izzy’s story, Searching for Mine!!!
  • Then there’s Kate Meader‘s series Hot in Chicago!!!! Once I started it I couldn’t put it down!!! Sexy firefighters mix with politics and lots of humming scenes!
  • And, of course, I cannot let my beloved Lauren Layne behind! Both Blurred Lines and the first book of the Oxford Series, Irresistibly Yours, passed across my hands during this down time.
  • Also, Emma Chase’s The Legal Briefs Series is part of my read list – I have a lot to say about this two books and I’m excited to get Appealed, the third book if this serie in January 2016!
  • Finally, I’ve a couple of other reviews of some amazing books such as I’ve Got Your Number by Sophie Kinsella, White Collared Series by Shelly Bell and Maybe Series by Colleen Hoover 
Anyway, I better get started with my work!

Hope you enjoy what’s next and as always, see you between the pages!



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