Review: Frisk Me (New York’s Finest #1) by Lauren Layne

Official Moretti, yummi!
There’s no other way to start this review than this one – even if the description of the book it has anything to do with the front image of the book, Luca Moretti is every girl’s hot (and wet) dream! Dark hair, blue eyes, strong body and a hero – what else can we ask???
Sorry if my initial outburst is kind of a spoiler, since I’m letting you know things you can only figure out if you read the book, but it was inevitable! In the constant comparison to Clark Kent only adds to my attraction to this character ❤
But in the serious side, this is a pretty good book for a romance! Lauren Layne always does it for me thou – ever since her Redemption Series and Stilleto Series, I was looking forward to read Frisk Me, the first book of the New York’s Finest Series. And it didn’t disappoint me.
Long story short, the struggle of a NYPD cop that got caught into a social media fame based on rescue a little girl from drowning on the East River and the ambition of a journalist with high expectations on her shoulders to make the mayor break in her career at the Big City. Their path collide when she scoop the story of certain cop who’s becoming a celebrity around the media, while this cop is desperately trying to keep his secrets at secret.
That’s how Luca Moretti and Ava Sims get in each other’s lives – well at list the second time around…
Here’s where I start to spill my guts about this book, so if you haven’t read it, STOP right here – there might be some SPOILER in the next lines.
Maybe is the stereotype around it, but just to think of man like Luc in uniform it does strange things to me! hahahaha… But also, the fact that he’s such a good guy makes it even better. He’s committed to his job, to the point where he blames himself for make things right – even when the outcome is definitely not his fault.  This is surely the kind of guy that, if you find, you marry right away, no questions asked.
And beside the incident with his partner and Shayna (the little girl who died the same day), his a values guy, with a big family that supports him and takes care of him – that makes him a very driven and confident man.
In the opposite side, we have Ava Sims – a reporter who has struggled her own life to achieve some dreams, even if the dreams are not hers. She wants to prove to her family (a very shitty one, if I must say) that she can have everything they want for themselves, but couldn’t get at their time. With nightmare family, we still can see that she’s a girl with her own personality that is a little confused by stereotypes in the media of this days – you have to be beautiful, stylish, confident and ALWAYS put together in order to nailed a job a anchor. And she’s trying her best to achieve this, even if all she wants to do is sit around in yoga pants, a T-shirt and her beloved flip-flops.
Moretti and Sims get to know each other three years before the East River video, when Luc gave Ava’s van a ticket for parking in a restricted area – the sparks flying since the beginning, even if they are arguing about the ticket – and when they see each other again, the sparks return in full force, putting them in a complicated position since their now kind of like enemies. But as events go by, they start to blurred the lines between their careers and their actual selves:
“I think the woman behind the reporter is pulled to me. Just like the man behind the cop is drawn to you.”
Chapter 16
Is safe to say that the constant hot-cold routing around the main characters got us attached to know how and when they’re gonna to connect – the level of attraction mixed with their constant fights really built the anticipations over the outcome of their relationship.
At the end, two loners end up falling for each other and realizing that nobody is perfect – not even Superman and Lois Lane (hahahaha). Everyone makes mistake and can be forgiven. And even what you thought you want your entire life and change in a blink of an eye.
So bravo Lauren Layne – with this one you had my entire five amazing stars!!!! Looking forward to the next book of this series Steal Me, Anthony Moretti’s turn to find love – the second book of New York’s Finest is going to be published on November 24th, 2015…
So I hope you had enjoy my post!
Feel free to comment anything that cross your mind and as always…
…See you between the pages!

Trish ❥


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