Review: Make Me (Broke and Beautiful #3) – Tessa Bailey

(⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ – 5/5 stars)

Finally we have here the last novel of the Broke and Beautiful Series Make Me.

The story of rough Russell Hart and posh Abby Sullivan, after we witnessed how their best friends fell in love with each other.

Again, Bravo to Tessa Bailey’s light and easy way of writing her books! I enjoyed this one the most!!!!! So uncomplicated and funny, we fall in love with the characters pretty easily.

The plot goes like this: Russell, the tough guy of the Supergroup is madly in love with Abby, the multimillionaire virgin that rents really expensive apartments to the other two broke girls of the series at a affordable amount for them, all because she thinks she’s unable to make any friends. So, Russell spends all his time in the friend-zone and fantasizing about Abby, because he thinks he’s not good enough for her – everything changes after Abby one day realize that he’s really good looking and that they have some sort of connection.

I have to say this is my favorite couple of the Supergroup! Totally opposites but son in sync at the same time – they really fulfill the needs of the other one and the way Russell loves Abby is really sweet and surreal. I enjoyed their conversations about love and their sexual interactions the most.

Great way to close a series!! So if you haven’t read it and you’re in the market for lite, uncomplicated, nothing-box reading, this is your thing!

From HERE on be aware that I might drop some SPOILERS over the lines.

Let’s get juicy on the details! Russell (OMG!!!) is amazing as a main character – is like a man-man! Handy, DIY, brave and really hard on the outside, we can see how sensible he actually is in the inside. Not only because he’s always caring for Abby, his family and friends, but also because he has his family issues to cope with. Finding his mother dead by depression made him a little rough on the edges, but not incapable to love – in fact, from all three male characters of the series, he’s the most emotional one – and that contrast with he’s outside is what makes even more interesting.

Then, there’s Abby – a rich girl who seems to have it all, except real relationships and experience in her life. Raised in a family where there was no allow to make mistakes because you ended dealing with them alone, she always felt like an outcast. Up until she decided to “buy” herself some friends by renting the rooms of her how at a cheap price. But even then, who really made her feel like she belong to someone was the cranky friend of Roxy’s boyfriend who was always there, no matter what she said to him. Being inexperience emotionally and sexually, it takes time for her to realize that what she had been sharing with Russell is not a normal friendship but something different.

Mix all that with a sexual chemistry accompanied by kind of dominant sex and the result is great! Because, beside from the fact that Russell wants to protect Abby from EVERYTHING so she doesn’t end like his mother, the kind of rough and direct way he treats her in that heated moments makes this book even more fun.

So I’m giving it five shining stars and I’m really looking forward to read new things from Tessa Bailey!

Hope you had enjoyed my review – feel free to add anything that you want down there.

As always, see you between the pages…



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