Summer Reading: E-books vs Paper books

In a world where everything around us seems to be digital, there are still some things we can pick to do in the traditional non-screen way. One of this things is reading. But even this task is disappearing into the technology. 

With the boom of E-readers, tablets and reading apps for smartphones, the non-digital atmosphere around reading is becoming smaller and smaller – Of course, due to the perks of digital reading, paper books apparently are loosing the battle. 

But some of us, romantics, are still attached to the fact of have an actual book in our hands – call us nostalgics but I personally think is not the same experience. 

And don’t get me wrong, I love e-books and is the way I do most of my readings, but there is nothing like sit in a comfortable place with a cup of coffee or tea and a real book in hand – turning page after page to see what comes next in the story. 

And I know is an old fashion kind of thinking, but I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one with that feeling – There is something magic about that scenario.

But, of course, the weight of the book that doesn’t allow me to carry it with me all the time, the lack of space in my teeny tiny flat and the higher cost compare with a Kindle versions had push me to migrate to the digital version – because, not reading is simple unacceptable!!!!

Convenience,  light weight, smaller costs and variety are some of the up sides of e-books and this things are strangling the traditional way of deep yourself into a story – but there are some things, and places, where paper seems like a better option.

As we’re in the summer time (at least, in the norther part of the world), where beaches, pools and a lot of water seems to be involve, some prefer paper over digital for obvious reasons – getting your e-reader or tablet wet can cause serious damages; also, a digital screen is not that convenient under the sun and an actual book is more comfortable while you’re tanning in the hammock 😉

In my case, this summer, I was stuck in a series of which I only had the digital version. This led me to bring my tablet to the beach, and while it wasn’t as unpleasant as I though it would be, it wasn’t the best reading experience (despise the perfect background). Looking around me, I found people enjoying their time with an paper book and it got me thinking.

Here’s what I figure out: paper books are not dying, their just modifying their market and time of consuming (as in marketing) – while on-the-go, e-books seam as the perfect solution because is easier to carry them around, there are still some momentum to paper books – like the beach or that chair in your house where you can loose yourself in actual pages – at least, from now on, that’s the way I’m gonna use both of them!! 😉

What do you think about it??? 
You can leave your comment bellow ⬇️

Hope you had enjoy and as always…

…See you between the pages!



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