Review: Need Me (A Broke and Beautiful Novel #2) – Tessa Bailey

(★★★★ – 4 of 5 stars)

I think is safe to start this post saying that I completely adore the way this author presents her stories, specially in this series…
Characters introduce without to much fuzz and in a light and easy way, that allow us to get caught pretty fast in the events developing through the chapters.

This time was Honey and Ben’s turn, in the second book of the series, Need Me – Teacher and student classic seduction situation that’s gonna turn up the heat in your room a few degrees higher, if you know what I mean 😉

Student Honey Perribow wants to seduce her English professor while professor Ben Dawson wants to stay away of young temptations any of his students might represent – all of this in the middle of an inevitable reunion outside the classroom, since Honey is Ben’s best friend’s girlfriend roommate – meaning Louis and Roxy (main characters on the 1st book –> Chase Me).

I know, I know – What a coincidence, right? But I cannot stop enjoying this everyone-know-and-love-each-other books!!! Hahahaha

In this case, compare to the first book, the erotic content and sex scenes are more explicit – but c’mon, the situation makes room for more forbidden and hot interactions. Anyway, Tessa Bailey finds a way to let us get to know the characters and why they behave like they do, with the right amount of details but (again) without the drama.

Although, there’re not many details to share with you about this book without falling into redundancy, there’s still some things we can discuss more deeply… so if you haven’t read this book, STOP now because some SPOILERS might come in the next lines.
Let’s start with the most important thing in this book, the CHEMISTRY between Honey and Ben – WOOOOWWW!!! The thing that I liked the most was the fact that the author, through her main female character, makes us realize that great sex, it doesn’t depend on a big dick or a lot of experience from the man who handles the intercourse – Great sex has EVERYTHING to do with the chemistry two people share in the moment and for me, Bailey let us know she thinks the same when Honey is sharing their first time with her friends and thinks to herself (Chapter 9):
“Ben had basically taken any prior knowledge she’d had about sex and crushed it up against the wall, right along with her? He’d known what to do to make her climax, which didn’t sound like an uber-amazing feat unless you’d been with members of the opposite sex who couldn’t find a clitoris with a flashlight and magnifying glass. He’d played her body so effortlessly, so confidently. Part of her wondered if she’d just picked the wrong partners in the past, sorry Elmer, or if it was just Ben. Yeah. She had a feeling it was just Ben. Or Ben and her, specifically.”
A lot of point to the author for this, since is important to let the audience know that you don’t have to land a Brad Pitt in order to have a world-rocking orgasm;)

And I’m not saying Ben doesn’t have the looks! In my mind, his the hot nerdy type – and most of us had this kind of crush on college (a really hot male/female teacher), so we can understand Honey’s fascination with him! Plus, the contradiction between the always polished and serious professor Dawson versus the dirty talking jeans-and-no-shirt Ben highlights his appealing! A 25 year old trapped in older people manners…

…While Honey is the exact opposite to that. She’s all young and innocent, but not stupid! Her initiative to seduce a professor shows that, beside her short 19 years, she knows what she wants and is not afraid of ask for it. She’s strong and doesn’t break when things don’t go her way — in this book, we rarely see her crying over Ben or feeling sorry for herself, she just take things the way they come and man up for the future! I loved that about this girl!

Finally, we also got hints of what Abby and Russell’ relationship is gonna stand for in the next book, Make Me, which I’m pretty much expecting now – It’s gonna be published on August 11th of this year, so a couple of weeks to find out how the last couple of the Super Group find the happy ending!!

Anyway, hope you had enjoy this lines – Dying to hear your thoughts below ⬇️

See you between the pages…


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