Review: Chase Me (Broke and Beautiful #1) – Tessa Bailey

I don’t know what is it about a book series where an entire group of male/female friends end up falling for another group of male/female friends… But I kind of LOVE these books!!!! Even if the situation is so unrealistic….
But is safe to say that in the Broke and Beautiful Series‘ case it has everything to do with the way the author, Tessa Bailey, wrote it and managed the dialogs in it.

With the first book, Chase Me, I absolutely adored how Bailey got me tangled in Roxy and Louis’s story, together and individually (because both of them talk from their perspective), and how easy it seems to understand their personalities after you read a couple of chapters.

Also, this book got me laughing from page one – the lite way some of the most absurd situations in the world are presented are going to keep you wanting to know what’s coming next!

Is safe to say that if you read the introduction to this book (which you can do in HERE), you cannot imaging reading something that starts in such awkward circumstances but after you jump into it, it kind of make sense with the way everything develops. And, although it has erotic situations, they’re only part of the story and not the center of it, which makes the book hot but not excessive in that department.

So, from my point of view, this book is 100% recommended if you want a relax reading, enjoying some crazy and funny lines with characters that can share their chemistry beyond the pages – Great job, Tessa!!! 😉

Ok, so let’s get into the juicy details of the book – STOP right HERE if you haven’t read the book because I might drop some SPOILERS

First of all, Bravo to the way the book starts – right to the point!!! No unnecessary introduction to the situation – Roxy is in the elevator in her way to do the most awkward thing she’s ever done — Sing to a guy about his penis in no other that a bunny costume, and from my understanding, not the sexy Playboy kind but the kind the a mascot from some college football team wears. Right in that second you can start to get to know her, how she thinks, why she’s doing this and how she feels awful about it.

And then, she’s in front of Louis – Josh Duhamel’s way of hotness, hangover and with only jeans on it (pretty hot picture, uh?). But the best part about this encounter is that besides the obvious physical portrait of the scene, the author handle it and show us the connection between them – just by the way they speak to each other and even is she’s still wearing the costume’s mask… All of this in a no cheesy way!

After that, is pretty much a run until the end – you don’t want to stop reading! And not because the story is something amazing, at the end is another love story, but because the characters are addictive! 

Roxy’s a tough girl, independent and used to handle everything her way – with a difficult start in life, which is presented in the least dramatic way possible (points for this) – she has her dream of being an actress in a city like NY, where without the right connections everything can become extremely complicated — She’s struggling but with a lot of dignity and you can see how she has a really practical way of live her life. I loved that she’s not the damsel in distress who’s waiting for prince charming to safe her!!

Then there’s Louis: handsome, rich and with an enviable kind of life but not spoiled at all (amazing quality to this character) – He wants to be different than his father and so many other lawyers who work only for the money – He wants to work for people who really needs him and basically has some superhero complex – not in the over the top kind of way, but in the normal overprotect-things-I-care-about way.

I was caught by the trail Louis walks to get Roxy to take him seriously and, as the chase continue, the way Roxy slowly falls into his path… They had such attractions going on between them that is really difficult not to feel a little bit jealous.

The rest of the characters are well developed too… Even if you take into consideration that most of them are going to have their own books in the series, you know how Abby is really lonely, how Honey is the souther girl next door, how Russell is the tough guy who doesn’t fall in love and how Ben is the serious/respectful type. 

Even some of the other characters, like Louis’ crazy twin sisters, the fiance (who is an absolute asswhole!!) and Johan (who is the worst asswhole in the world!!!!) have the right amount of description to get to know them and understand how they sum to the story.

Anyway, the point is this book really surprised me and I’m definitely looking forward for the other two in the series!!!!

Hope you guys enjoy my babbling about it! If you have anything to say, you can do it below ⬇️

See you between the pages…


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