Review: Twisted (Tangled #2) – Emma Chase

(★★✦ – 2.5 of 5 stars)

Hello again! Like I promise in my previous post, I’m bringing Emma Chase’s Twisted (Tangled #2) review.

At first, I wasn’t going to read it, but the description caught my eye and I finished pretty fast. I must say that it was more of the same I read in the first book, but from Kate Brooks’s perspective (the female main character).

Most of the people who liked the series enjoyed the sassy, almost cynical personality of Drew Evans, the principal male character, so maybe the fact that Kate tells us what happen next is an upside downer. 

But in my perspective, Chase kept it pretty casual and followed the lead of the first book – funny conversations, smart remarks and direct contact of the storyteller with the reader.

So you may ask why I’m giving it half of a star less – the main reason is the plot! And here is where, if you haven’t read this book, you should STOP because the SPOILERS start now.

Basically, this book is based 2 years after Tangled and when you start reading, you can see how Drew and Kate have been sharing a lovely relationship – living together and apparently still having sex like rabbits ALL THE TIME (pretty fictional, huh?). And then, something mysterious happened and destroyed the perfection that they’ve been sharing.

At this point, you want to know what was that mayor fail that set these two apart. Then, you start to understand what is going on – Kate’s pregnant!! She mixed antibiotics with birth control pills and something when wrong along the way (For the record, this is a TRUE FACT, so be careful to mix this two and have sex without extra protection, if you’re not interested in having a child in the immediate future :P)

Here is where my issues with the story begin – because what happens next? She gets pretty scared and doesn’t take a regular pregnancy test (you know? the one where you pee in the stick?) and of course, she doesn’t tell Drew anything; instead she lies to him and waits to go see the doctor – a really close friend that she never introduced to her living-together boyfriend!!! Do you see where I’m going with this? If you don’t, don’t worry I’ll be there in a paragraph!

Before I tell you, I have to remark Drew’s stupidity – because, after he invades Kate’s privacy by reading her agenda without her consent, what does he do? He follows her and, believing that she is cheating on him, he hires a F%$&ING striper!!!!!!! And waits for Kate at home, sucking the striper’s mouth in the mean time! Now you get it??

This two have some BIG COMMUNICATION ISSUES!!! And they cover them with a lot of sex! What great paternal figures they’re going to be, huh??
After all this mess, they spend several weeks without talking about maybe one of the most important subjects a couple should talk, THEIR BABY! Because apparently she thinks he can read minds and know, somehow, she’s pregnant – even when he didn’t know this Bob was her friend, less her OB/GYN. See what I mean? Total communication issues!

However, beside the entire mess in the story, the book is still fresh and light reading and you can certainly enjoy the intelligent come backs of the characters, which give us a hint of how the author thinks. Whether fun facts like the comparison of men and women orgasms, life expectancy of single/married men vs single/married women, women behaviors in our OB/GYN’s visits; or just small jokes about women’s PMS, why does men cannot conceive and how they should learn to say sorry when women are angry! All these details make the reading enjoyable and funny – maintaining the same tone from the first book of the series.

I really liked that we could learn a little bit more about the secondary characters – like Billy, Kate’s mom, Delores, the Evan’s family, etc – I was gladly surprised to get to know them through Kate’s perspective. And, about her, let me say that for a serious girl she was pretty crazy back in her days: alcohol, drugs (several kinds!), breaking and entering and stealing cars, all activities of her repertory! This fact was quite shocking but breaks the good girl image and and I applaud the author’s efforts to think outside the box!

To end this review, let’s just say that I spent almost the entire book HATING Drew!!! And I still don’t know if I forgive him! Cheating is never the answer, man!!!

And that’s it – hope you had enjoy my POV about this book – you can always agree or disagree with me below ⬇️

Thanks for reading and see you between the pages!

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