Review: Tangled – Emma Chase

(⭐️⭐️⭐️ – 3 of 5 stars)

Hello guys!! If you’re a new reader, WELCOME!!! and  if you’re a returning one, I’m happy to see you in another book review! 😉

For those who haven’t read the book, I can tell you that it’s a pretty light reading – the aim is to entertain and spend a while in someone else’s life instead of yours.

A romance novel wrote from the male point of view, it gives us a hilarious idea of how a single man thinks. Plus the main character, Drew, is funny, smart and so full of himself that allow us to have a good time with his crazy thoughts. Is like if we get caught in a little boy’s mind.

Kate, Drew’s love interest, is a serious girl – with goals and a structure life, until she meets Mr. nothing-is-too-serious and from then on she gets Tangled in his web. She already has a relationship and we get to see how this struggles with Drew’s persistence actitud towards her.

If you’re looking for a simple book to read after a heavy day, this could be what you want! You’re going to enjoy the prose and most of the intelligent remarks that Emma Chase introduces through her characters. Plus, the author counts the audience as one active participante of the book – what makes it even more interesting. 

Now, if you haven’t read this book, STOP HERE because I’m gonna drop some SPOILERS!

Now, let’s talk about the depths of this book – Sure, it is an entertaining reading material, but it has its ups and down around the story.

We have flat characters, simple and without any development underneath them. Drew, as funny as he can be, is the male version of a spoiled brat with to much money in his hands; Kate is the small town girl that ends up working in a big company and wants to take advantage of her opportunity and, of course, as a small town kind of girl, she needs the we’ve-been-together-forever boyfriend Billy – the poor Billy is portrayed as a useless person that only sings for a living and who doesn’t appreciate his girlfriend, but let’s be real! She has 11 years with him so something good he must have to himself (I’d have loved to know what was that and for him to be a better competition to Drew). 
The rest of the characters are just more of the same pattern – The Bitch (who I thought was a really good sister, by the way), the friends, the parents and the coworkers – some secondary filling that at times you could have subtract from the equation. 

As a positive point, I like the way the author includes their jobs in the story – like is something important in their lives! Not only their love life, like in most of this kinds of books. They discuss clients and spend a lot of their time in their offices actually working (well, at least Kate does) so good for you, Emma!

I already said this before in this post, but the author makes a lot of smart remarks through her characters that I enjoyed a lot – like when Mackenzie wants to be a princess and Drew is alarmed – “I need to talk to my sister. Disney is dangerous. Corrosive brainwashing bullshit, if you ask me.” 
This kind of little comments give us something else to think instead of the book and I found that refreshing while adding Chase’s point of view.
Personally, I love Disney, but thinking that Prince Charming exists is really corrosive at an adult age! hahaha

Another of my favorite remarks is the one made about men vs. women behavior about orgasms – with the entire description about the UCLA and NYU researches and the explanation of how this affects both sexes! Really cleaver and funny!!! 
And like this examples, you can find lots and lots of hints to the authors mind that makes this reading refreshing and enjoyable!

But before this post is finished, let’s say what most of you probably thought during the reading: Drew,  man, you’re a mayor asshole with the girl you supposed to be in love with!!!!!!! – c’mon, you could have listened to her when she came to tell how everything went with Billy!!!!!! You could have saved yourself all the trouble you put Kate and ourselves through afterwards!!

Having said that, I gave Emma Chase’s Tangled three stars and I’m starting the second book of the serie, Twisted – I wasn’t sure to read more of this series but the description of the next story caught my eye! Of course, I will tell you what I think about it! 😉 

Here’s the description to Twisted, in case you’re interested —> 

Hope you had enjoy this review and, as always, see you between the pages!!! 

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