Review: Manwhore #1 – Katy Evans

(⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ – 4 of 5 stars)

CAUTION – This article has mayor SPOILERS of this book, so if you haven’t read it, please stop here!!!! (because you should really read this book before knowing what happen)

I have so many things to say about this book, I re-read it to get as many details as posible for you guys!!!! 

So let’s get started – and what better way to do so that talk about the  absolute BEST part of the book —> THE END!!!! It was the most unexpected part of it, because c’mon, we all new he was going to figure out about the article way before she tells him! But, the final pages of this books are amazing!!! Katy Evans left us hanging and hungry for more, just as Rachel at the doors of Malcolm’s office.

As I said in my announce of Manwhore #2 Excerpt, I enjoyed books like this one basically based in the way they make me feel, and this finale, plus the interaction between Saint and Rachel, really left some sparkles in me! (reason why I gave it so many stars to the review). I even spent an entire week with a mayor book hangover over this one – wanting to know why Malcolm wanted to see Rachel in his office, over and over again! Hahaha I know, obsess much? 

But, like most of this types of literature, it has some flaws – some of the character are quite predictable, sometimes even the main female character! I would have loved to see Rachel get the courage to tell Sin what she was actually doing, instead of hide behind of her fear of being discover… It would’ve given her a strong point to her personality and made her a true heroine. Because, let’s face it! She could have found another job! And I get that she felt bad for the rest of the magazine to lose their jobs, but she was playing the guy too, so she was going to do some damages no matter what she chose.

And don’t get me start it with his or her friends for that matter – Tahoe and Call are as flat as a table! Playboys with money and nothing else, while Wynn and Gina are the stereotypical girlfriends – like the good angel/bad angel couple – they are always judging and expecting Rachel to do as they say so… So not cool for friends to do that, specially Gina! I really loathed her most of the book, because she thinks everybody most live as she does and just because she got her heart broken, everybody else is going to suffer to! Well, if you didn’t get the memo Gina, EVERYBODY HURTS (an is hurt) sometime! Hahaha

Another flaw, from my point of view, is the complete immersion of Rachel in Malcolm’s subject! From a quarter of the book forward, she forgets about her job, her mother, her friends, her cause against crime and basically her life and just centers in Sin – and I get that she gets obsess with him and she can’t get enough, but I would have loved for her to still maintain some of her life while develop this crave for him. Like, see her redirect that passion in something else.

While the secondary characters are a little weak for my taste, the principal ones I think are better developed:

Rachel, leaving aside her lack of courage and be predictable at times, is not a bad character! I really like that she is independent of her mother and that she has her personality defined – she replies in the most unexpected way to Saint from moment one, she’s not afraid to express what she wants when she’s intimated with him and, even if she’s blushing a lot, she is no a shy woman and this makes her more real than other female ladies in this kind of books (let’s say: ANA STEELE, for example hahah). She also has this Electra complex, where she’s basically craving for a male figure in her life and she’s always envying her friends’ relationships with their fathers or boyfriends for that matter. Is a good reason to get so obsess over a man – but I’m not sure if Saint is the right kind of man for the job – I think she needs someone a little bit more soft and Malcolm is definitely not it!

Malcolm is exactly what a man like him should be – Someone who has a lot of money to  do as he please and just does it! Without any subtext – we see this in the many parts where he says he does things because HE CAN – Dah!! – Obvious but great answer. And at the end he’s a 27 year old guy so the friends, the cars, the parties and the girls are a normal standard in his life, without that to be reference to his childhood. He had some issue growing up, like any other person but I like that he’s not like a traumatized character.

The story is quite predictable at some points and I got little upset when she couldn’t figurate out what to do and got stuck in the thought: “I have to write this exposé, but a feel bad… blah blah blah” – And I know I already said this at the top of the review but really —> SHE HAD CHOICES!!! She had the choice of refusing to write the article sooner, to tell him the true at some point, to get another job, because, from a journalistic perspective, this was definitely not the big gig she was thinking about!! And less in a dying magazine, so go girl and FIND ANOTHER JOB already! Or write the story from a positive perspective from the beginning – this way, you can tell him the true and still have your job.

But overall, I really enjoy this book – the interactions between them, the never ending make out sessions and the chemistry they have with each other (in my opinion, portrayed as realistic as in real life) are worth it! I can tell that beside the flaws, your get caught in the story and you could really have a good time reading it – and don’t forget the great ending that leave us wanting for more!!!!!!!

What did you guys think about this book??  Don’t be shy and leave your comments below ⬇️

Remember!! The second book of the series is published on July 7th, so you have a week to revisit the story before reading what happens next!!

As always, enjoy your reading and see your between the pages!!


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