Review: ‘GREY: Fifty Shades of Grey as told by Christian’ – E.L. James

(⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ – 4 of 5 stars)

Please, note that this text may contain some SPOILERS, so stop now if you hadn’t read the book.

Before getting into the details of what do I exactly think about this book, I want to clarify that I completely agree with the statement The Washington Post made in their article about GREY: Fifty Shades of Grey as told by Christian** (If you want to read the article, I’m putting the link below), this is clearly a book made for FANS!! And based on this statement, I gave this book such a high rating.

I declare myself a hopeless Fifty Shades Fan! It doesn’t matter that some of the sequences are poor written, or the lack of imagination of the author to describe some of the scenes, or that is based in Washington State but the main character speaks as if she just arrived from Oxford, or that Ana Steele’s mind is simply annoying most of the time. I just LOVE how the relationship evolves, how Christian changes from dominant to caring and how it makes me feel, to be completely honest with you guys!

Ok, stop the rambling about me! Let’s get to the book – I really like it! Even if there was nothing new to add to the story, I loved to learn that Christian was a plain bastard – just like any other man (sorry if you feel ofended, hahah). He thinks exactly as guy thinks, with his dick, plain and straight forward.

It was a pleasure to find that most of Anastasia’s girlish expectations were in her head and that she built her own fantasies based on what she was thinking and not based on what he really was. Like, when Christian takes Ana for dinner in his parents, she’s right thinking that he did it because Elliot invited Kate – there is no more into it. Sure, later he feels good about having her there with him, but at the beginning he did it because he was pressure to it. So, no romanticism about how he wanted her in every part of his life, because at that moment he doesn’t know that.

I have read some jokes about the way the book evokes Christian’s dick all the time, but let’s face it – guys think with that part of their body all the time – ask any of your male friends to confirm this! Or, if they don’t, at least they like us girls to think they do! So, bravo E.L. James for embraced this part of Christian’s mind show him just as he is. 

I found refreshing the fact that he is obsess with fucking her all the time, but he’s still able to think about other important parts of his life, like he’s work – is nice to see some of his interaction with his staff, his colleagues, his family, his ex-subs, Flynn and even Elena.
It was really nice to see his behavior apart from Anastasia – how’s Christian without Miss Steele, at least at the first half of the book, when he is still in his Ivory Tower. Then he’s constantly fighting with his crazy impulses – using phrases like “Get a grip” “Get control” or “Control yourself”. He knows he’s losing it! But he refuse to do so! 

I found this book best written than the previous in the series, even with the constant repetitions of some expressions, this story moves forward with more ease then when is told by Anastasia. We are presented with the facts, not with infinitive thoughts about the same subject over and over (I really was tired of little Miss Steele! hahaha) – in fact, now I want to hear the rest of the story from his perspective, but this would be stretching E.L. James’s luck! She can really screw it up if she continues this thing. Better leave it at rest, let us read and reread and fill the blanks with our imagination.

Here I leave you the link for the article of the Washington Post: 

Feel free to tell me what you think about the book en the comments below. ⬇️

And like always, thank you guys for reading and see you between the pages!

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