Review: After We Collided (After #2) – Anna Todd

(⭐️ – 1 of 5 stars)

— Please, note that you can find some spoilers on the lines, so if you haven’t read the book I suggest you go at it first.–

I FINALLY finished reading this book and It was really hard not to dropped it in the middle of it. Why? Several reasons actually: 

Why does the author needs 123 chapters to write this book???? It could have been summarized in much less words than what Anna Todd used in it… since it doesn’t have a plot… at all. 
Ok, I get that she’s trying to build up in the love story around Tessa and Hardin but it could have been good if she focus on create another disruption beside the fact that Hardin (and now also Tessa) is a mess, maybe create a valid love triangle between them and Zed or Trevor or whatever.
In the first book it was kind of refreshing to see Hardin being rude and Tessa just figuring out what to do with him and with the rest of her life – but in this one, he’s just CRAZY most of the time, with really irrational and shit ass behavior that freaks me out, while she’s basically STUPID most of the time, going back and forth between confusion, dismay and acting like a 12 year old. I think even Smith, with 5 years old, is more mature than her. I know she is madly in love with Hardin and I get that love is sometimes irrational, but seriously? Can she has a little more of shelf respect and show some restrain? I mean, she’s supposed to be REALLY smart and all.
I don’t mean to be hard on her on propuse, we all had that time of weakness when you are drunk and really sad and call your ex, begging or something, but please Tessa!!! Stop doing it all the time! Listen to Landon, Zed, your mom, Karen, Ken and everyone who’s telling you THINK ABOUT YOURSELF – And in the mean time, think with your head and not with other parts of your body.

Why do they talk about marriage so much???? She just turned 19th just a month or so ago for Christ sake!!!!!! And he is definitely not marriage material, not that I think that there should be a type or something, just seems to me that to think about something so big you have to have some things figure out first. 
For example, what is Hardin doing with his life after college? I know he “works” and that he wants to go to England, but that doesn’t seems like a plan to me – and, don’t they have to share some goals in order to talk about a future together? 
Is a damn intense conversation for a couple that only got to know each other 6 months ago, just saying; so Tessa, girl, chill out a bit! Not every relationship ends in marriage and certainly, ALL of them starts with baby steps! Again, listen to the people around you before you think in all this nonsense.

Obviously, this is not a healthy relationship!!!! And I’m a little concerned about the kind of message this sends back – please, don’t get scared, I’m not trying to become a moralist, but is safe to say that is not a normal behavior for a guy to get so crazy and mad that he breaks everything in his way, drinks himself to oblivion and hurt everyone who try to stop him, even the girl he supposedly love (not even if is without meaning it) and the understanding actitud of Tessa is ok but it has to have its limits!

Last, the writing mistakes again – time laps that doesn’t make sense, like how Hardin is supposed to arrive to Vance party if he was in England that morning! What happened to the time difference and the incredible LONG flight from London to Washington state??? 
Also the inconsistencies and contradictions in the story – like, why does Hardin is using his phone to lighted Zed’s room, when the story says he smashed it in England before and after this scene happens? If fact, this is so important to the story that is the reason why Hardin didn’t hear Tessa’s voice mail… So how does the author and the editors can miss this??? I know Anna Todd wrote most of her books in her mobile, but someone should have told her to check this type of things.

Ok, so overall, you can sense my opinion is pretty negative so please, feel free to criticize me point of view in the comments below!

Thanks for reading and see you between the pages!


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