Review: After #1 – Anna Todd

( ⭐️⭐️⭐️ 3 of 5 stars)

Ok, so I just finished to read the first book of the After Series, After.
Please, note that you can find some spoilers on the lines, so if you haven’t read the book I suggest you go at it first.

I want to highlight the positive points first – in my opinion is a really interesting book that you can related to, since is a love story developed in a certain known environment, meaning high school, college or any other place we went to outgrow our childhood.

I can say that I really enjoyed getting to know Tessa – she’s really naïve most of the time, but she’s not afraid to express what she thinks and feels in any moment and to take whatever course of action her heart gives her, so I give her points for that. Also, we can see how she grows as the chapters pass by – at first, she’s just a girl that is confortable with her mom bossing her around, but then she starts to figure out that this is not a good thing for her – not only for her love life, but for her entire life.

Another positive point for me is the fact that the book does not leave us black spaces of time between scenes. We know what the characters are doing almost at any time and that give us a great amount of details to understand better the characters and the situations. Also, Anna Todd is not filling this space with crap about what Tessa is thinking, like most of this kind of book does. She takes the time to describe situations and places to put us right in the spot where we should be while reading the lines.

I also like that Hardin is not a good guy at all – he’s rude and mean and you can tell from moment one that he is hiding something. And I am not talking about his dark image, that has been touch in so many books by now, but this is one of the few in which the main male character does not have a secret sweet identity hid from the world. I know that probably you’re not gonna agree with me since he’s sweet with Tessa at times, but in general he keeps he’s personality pretty stable – you can tell what bothers him and what cheers him most of the time.

Plus, I really like the end of the book – not the uncover since I practically knew that Hardin and Zed had a bet on Tessa since the first time Hardin start asking about the conversations Tessa maintain with Zed – but the fact the leave us hanging, that we have to read the next book to know the details of the bet and all around it. 

Cover all that out, now I have some negative points to highlight as well. Let’s start with the writing – in my opinion, not the best. There are a lot of time slips, like first that author says that it has been a couple of day, and then she implies that is only been a day – or when she says that Hardin has both Tessa’s wrist on top of her head but then Tessa can grab Hardin by his shirt at the same time. I don’t know if you find it strange like me. I have to say, in Anna Todd’s defense, that a read a ebook copy, so I don’t know if is the editing of it.

Another negative side is the fact that, as I already point out, you can tell pretty much easily about the bet since the begging – there is no mystery beside that, at least not in this first book. We got some hints that Hardin is dangerous and I was kind of expecting something else – like that he’s part of a mob or he has another interest on Tessa besides the bet or the love for her, so i wasn’t surprise when she FINALLY figure it out.

Last, but not least, is the fact that they are only 18 and 19 years old!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t know if you guys had that kind of life when you were in college, but in my case I didn’t have the time, the money or maturity to do half the things that this guys do at their age! Hahahaha – I was basically focus in passing my classes, have fun with my friends and hit at some guys, so I say that maybe they could have been a little older to support some of the situations. For example, who has an office in their first internship at their freshmen year????? And I know that the relation between Mr. Vance and Hardin’s dad is part of the reason, but still is a little extreme. Also, why is Tessa not going to classes anymore after she starts working??? The book clearly says that she was going to alternate between classes and her knew job, so what happened to that? In my opinion, they are going and coming over like they already graduate and have and independent life without responsibilities and that kind of freaks me out!

So, overall, I enjoyed the reading and I’m looking forward to start the second book to find out about more details. Please, let me know what you think of this book and also, why does everyone assume that Hardin in the writer version of Harry Styles???? (I don’t know if it was something the author said or what, so please enlighten me!!! hahahah)

Thanks for reading!


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